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Parent and Student Resources

Below are links, all checked 10/3/2019, to help parents and students succeed. Additionally, a catagory has been inserted for parents. Parents should be aware of how our government has been dealing with the education system.  

contacting_sending information to ms. rubino

1-CONTACT- Quickest way to contact is to email direct to [email protected] 2-SENDING ASSIGNMENTS- At times students will be required to send information to me through technology. To send a photo of an assignment via cell phone: a)-take a cell phone photo of assignment labeled with student name b)- open a text message and insert Email address above in the 'to' line c)- in the 'message' area insert child's name & class d)- in the message area touch on the camera to upload the photo e)-pick the photo of your child's work f)- send

opinions_on education

This is the person who has been put in charge of your child's education on a national level.

While I am not a fan of Wikipedia for major research, its simple information regarding basic biography of who, what, when, where, has been spot on. How many years of actual student interaction has this man had to have been entrusted with the minds of the future? He taught one year in a public school and two years in a charter school.

Asked to resign due to failed policies, policies that similiarly mirror that of our New Education Secretary. Please view his creation charter school report card in the next link.

Charter school which had been opened by and run by Arne Duncan. Charter schools have very low enrollment of students with disabilities, some as low as 10%, unlike public schools which will have as many as 25+%. Even with such an advantage for their report card, are these schools really succeeding?

Diane Ravitch is a renoun author who has written books that teachers study to learn how to teach. Please follow her, as she was once for some of these failed policies. Wanting the best for our children she sought change, BUT after seeing that the policies were not improving our educational system changed her course.

A short video for your amusement as well as your information. Just to add a little snippet, when the day is done and we are unable to complete the necessary tasks to actually perform our teaching duty in the 45 minutes we are allotted to do so, we go home to grade papers, make lessons and plans, develop the paperwork handouts that go with the lessons, and research the best strategies to use in the classroom.

Homework Help

American History, Audio-visual learning center. Site also has Math resources

A simple ask site. You will need to become a user in their site.

will help with all curriculum not just social studies :)

A link to visit to get help with your learning. Also, please be advised that I.S. 51 offers after school programs AS WELL AS morning tutoring.

Teachers are waiting for YOU to call!!

CLICK ON the magnifying glass & type in your topic. It is best to use Google Chrome for many sites. Sometimes, you may need to actually use Internet Explorer. Click on the H to go to the home site, there are many video clips on many events from history. Use the search, scroll beyond the initial results, they are advertisements for other websites.

Study Blue, after creating a student membership, allows a student to make flash cards that can be sent to a mobile device anywhere for study purposes! The site also allows for flash cards to be printed as well as a review sheet! Good interactive resource for students to use.

There is a ton of information as well as access to textbooks!

Make your learning style pie chart quickly and easily using this website.

Type in the name of a president, scroll to the video you'd like to watch. It's ok to have an account for future use. Simple short slide show/videos about our past presidents. May help to understand that president and who he was at the time.

When you need information about a specific country, use this link. It will open to Russia, you need only to write the search name whatever specific country you need.

General Parents & Students

School website

PBS has changed the format for this site. There are still things to do that are educational and helpful!

A place you & your parents can go to find out information about you, your school, regulations, places to get help, etc.

Click on a topic, or type in a topic on the magnifying glass icon. A place you can go to find out information about your education, your rights, etc. 

A place for you visit with your parent to review your transcript and information about your education.

Past exams with answer keys helps parents and students prepare for any regents examination.

Puzzle Games

Blank Map of US, you have to put states in proper positions, each game is timed!!

Blank map of Europe, you insert each country to its proper place, each game is timed!


A great magazine with accompanying videos for purchase. Articles for kids on topics relevant to education. Great place to find current event articles to write about.

New York Times Website, lots of current news articles.

Daily News Website has many articles on current events.

Staten Island Advance, a daily news company whose main focus is on events in Staten Island and NY.

New York Newsday, a daily newspaper whose focus in on Long Island and the New York area.

The British Broadcasting Company is a world news organization reporting on news which happens all over the world. They have many fan things on this website, play around in it.

The CNN Newsroom is a world news reporting organization.

MSNBC is a world new reporting agency.